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Engaging Instagram

Management Growth Branding

Our Services


Real people manage and grow your account, providing authentic human engagement.


Assistagram helps deliver engaging, fresh content for our clients all day, every day.


Our service boosts your exposure and engagement, driving your brand reputation.

Proven Success

We've helped Instagram accounts at all stages, using unique strategies for each case.


“Before working with Zach and Assistagram, My growth was stalled at 16,000 followers. Since working with them, I’m now at 33,000+ and growing, interaction is also off the charts. It has caused my podcast to grow substantially. I would highly recommend working with Zach and Assistagram.”

Jeremy Slate, Founder · @jeremyryanslate

"Volty and Zach are truly masterminds when it comes to social media. I didn't understand their method at first. But within a few days, I had several posts with 10x the amount of engagement I usually get! The results speak for themselves.”

- Sania Jamil, Founder & CEO · @saniakhiljee

"Before working with Zach, I was struggling to grow my following and engagement. He quickly turned that around and grew my following by about 20,000 in 2 months.”

- Darrah Brustein Founder, Author & CEO ·

“Zach and his team know social media inside and out. Plus, they genuinely care about your growth. You won’t go wrong with them or their strategies!”

Jenny Gao, Founder ·


Real people, real results.

We grow Instagram accounts using different organic growth strategies. With Assistagram, you have real people managing and growing your accounts. Try our services and see what it’s like to have authentic human engagement. Think of this as having a personal virtual assistant, hyper-focused on your Instagram account only.

Instagram Growth

Organic Strategies

Who We Are

Zach Benson


I’m a full-time entrepreneur, world traveller, dancer and connector who specializes in creating IG campaigns reaching millions.

Volty Garcia

Graphic Designer

I'm an entrepreneur and designer ready to help grow your Instagram engagement through amazing content and creative strategies.

Shaun VanWeelden

Software Engineer

Need a technical solution to your issues? I’m your guy! After working at Microsoft, Amazon and more. I will bring your code to life for you.

Rick Schirmer


I'm an award-winning launch expert whose proprietary approach has led to 200 successful product, movie, and company launches.

Payment Plans

  • Basic Package

  • $ 1650 / month
    • Account Growth
    • Social Engagement
    • Tracking Results
  • High Flyer

  • $ 2250 / month
    • Content Management
    • Account Growth, Social Engagement
    • Tracking and Lead Generation
  • Commercial Package

  • $ 3000 / month
    • Design, Branding & Growth
    • Allocated Staff Management
    • Tracking, Lead Generation & More!